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Maca and its Anti-Stress Effect in an Animal Model in Mice.Tapia A, Lopez C, Marcelo A, Canales M, Aguilar JL.Acta Andina 1999-2000;8:31-37

Maca has been traditionally mentioned as an anti-stress natural product. This clinical study evaluates the effect of Lepidium meyenii in the control of stress compared to a control group, in an experimental induce stress in mice. The results show significant less score of stress in supplemented group compared to control. Also the supplemented group had more rapid normalization of stress than control group. This study shows the anti-stress effect of Maca in an animal model.

Anti-Stress Effect of two Extracts of Maca Enriched in Glucosinolates.Capcha R, Marcelo A, Rojas P, Ramos A, Plaza A, Aguilar JL.Draft Paper

In this study a group of Balbic strain mice of 50-60 days of age and 20-30 weigh were used to evaluate the anti-stress activity of an extract of Lepidium meyenii. The animals were dosed with Maca extracts enriched with glucosinolates which were inoculated via oral by needle for 100 days. Stress was induced by electrical stimulation,which served to evaluate the development of neurotic features using the modified Lopez scale. Results showed that the extracts from Maca enriched with glucosinolates had a significantly better anti-stress activity compared to the control group.

Acute Toxicity - Determination of Lethal Doses for Standardized Extracts of Maca. Capcha R, Marcelo A, Rojas P, Ramos A, Plaza A, Aguilar JL, Draft Paper

In this study the acute toxicity (DL50) of two extracts of Maca provided by Quimica Suiza were evaluated. The extracts were administered by oral via in Swiss mice by a period of3 days. The results show a DL50 greater of 68 070 mg/Kg, dose in which not death of mice were registered, nor either changes in the behaviour, or some alteration in the internal organs. Therefore this study demonstrates the absence of acute toxicity of Maca extracts in Swiss mice, dosed orally.

Absence of Acute Toxicity and Cytotoxic in-vitro of Lepidium meyenii.Marcelo A, Okuhama N, Mairena T, Salazar M, Aguilar JL.Draft Paper

Acute toxicity was determined in the animal model. Increasing amounts of Maca were orally administered to Swiss mice, which were observed for a 3 day-period. From low doses to 800uglmL of the aqueous extract showed no changes in viability. Both evaluations show very good tolerance of in vitro and in vivo assays for Maca.

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