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Effect of Lepidium meyenii (Maca) on physical-energetic performance in humans. Gayoso 0, Aguilar JL, Goyzueta I, Rojas P, Marcelo A, Timoteo 0, Carvajal L. Draft Paper.

In this prospective double blind placebo controlled study it is demonstrated that exists an improvement in the physical yield of healthy adults supplemented with Lepidium meyenii (Maca) on a daily dose, which is significantly superior to the yield of the placebo group. An increase in the distance range in the six-minute walking test (SMW7 J in people from Maca group (p< 0.05) was demonstrated. No modifications in weight or biochemical nutritional parameters were detected, thus this stamina property is independent of nutritional features of Maca. No side effects were reported with ingestion of Maca.

Vigor-Inducing Effect of Maca (Lepidium meyenii Walp), an Andean Hypocotyl, in Mice. Salas CA. Draft Paper

In this study a group of mice supplemented with Lepidium meyenii were compared to control group to evaluate the stamina effect. The results show a significant increase of energetic performance in oxygen consumption, and also an increase of resistance on swimming time. these results show the vigor-inducing effect of Maca.

Evaluation of the Stamina Activity of two Extracts from Lepidium meyenii (Maca) in Albino Mice. Rojas P, Macarlupu JL Capcha R, Plaza A, Aguilar JL. Draft Paper

In this study two standardized extracts of Lepidium meyenii with a known concentration of glucosinolates were evaluated by the stamina effect in mice using the oxygen consumption (the V02 max) in rest and after activity. The results show a significant increase of energetic performance of mice supplemented with glucosinolate-enriched extracts compared to control group no supplemented. This study increases the amount of evidence about the energetic capability of Maca in animal models.

Antihypoglycemic Effect of Maca in Fasted and Insulin-induced hypoglycemic Mice. Miura T , Hayashi M, Naito Y, Suzuki 1. J Traditional Med 1999 il6: 93-96

In this clinical trial, the antihypoglycemic effect of Lepidium meyenii was investigated in fasted and insulin-induced hypoglycemic mice. The results indicated the anti¬hypoglycemic effect of Lepidium meyenii may promote glyconeogenesis. These findings may be useful for the treatment of energy supply on hypoglycemic conditions.

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