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Hormonal & Fertility Studies

Study of the estrogenic property of Maca in Rats.Lama G, Quispe G, Ramos D, Ferreyra C, Casas H, Apumayta U. Proceedings of the Congreso Nacional de Ciencias Farmaceuticas Bioquimicas. Lima, Peru. Oct 1994

This is an abstract report presented in the Peruvian Congress of Pharmacy. It is a short report referring to pro-estrogenic effects of the administration of a hexanic extract of Lepidium meyenii. The increased weight of ovaries was the main feature to consider pro-estrogenic effect showed by treated group.

Separation of Active Principles of Hexanic Extract of Lepidium meyenii Walp. Apumayta UP, Cuba P. (PS4). Proceedings of the Congreso de Investigacion. Peru .

This abstract was presented in a Peruvian Congress which reports the use of a hexanic extract of Maca in post-menopausal women. The serum levels of luteinizing hormone (frequently increased in post-menopausal women) decrease from 117,189 mUI/lmL previous supplementation to 32,03 mUI/lmL after treatment.

Utilizacion de Diferentes Niveles de Maca en la Fertilidad de Cobayos.Alvarez C. Resumen de Tesis de Ingeniero Zootecnista. 1996

This is a biological study in guinea pigs focusing the utilization of different amounts of supplementation with Lepidium meyenii to evaluate the number and characteristics of offspring. Results show an increase in number of descendent in a direct relationship to amount of supplementation of Maca. The quality of offspring is also improved by the supplementation with Maca.

Protector Effect of Maca in the Testicular Function of Mice Treated with Oral Imidazol. Valdivia, M. Draft Paper. 1997

This is a biological study on mice focusing on the protective effects of Maca on the testicular production of spermatozoids. In this study the production of spermatozoids is damage for an overdose use of imidazolic compound and they observe that the group of mice supplemented with Maca had better recovery of spermatozoid production in comparison with control group. This results shows cytoprotective effect on sperm cell line or increase of recovery capacity provided by Maca.

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