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The most important part of the Sacha Inchi seeds is the omega 3 content. There is very little other sources able to provide the same quantity of omega 3, which is often not available in the necessary quantity in an average diet. Hence the importance of incorporating it into the daily food. Certainly there is many other significant nutrients within Sacha Inchi which is other essential fatty acids like omega 6 and 9 but also proteins.

The Sacha Inchi seeds offer 33% of protein content. Not only that this is a significant amount, but even more important it contains all essential amino acids as well. This makes it also a very important source for high quality proteins.

Further the plant offers a good vitamin E value which is not only interesting for human consumption but also it is important as it allows to produce Sacha Inchi products without the need of adding preservatives.

Sacha Inchi is a very complete food, providing many of the most essential nutrients our body needs to receive through our daily diet.

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