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A complete line of certified organic maca products, the best in its class! Made from the highest quality and traditionally Grown Maca roots from Peru, MacaPro is based on darker roots for faster effects and contains everything from powders, Crispy Bites, liquid extracts or a tea or coffee alternative.
Cacao XP® is made from 100% Certified Organic, Criollo Cacao Beans from Peru, no mixing of species and carefully processed to guarantee a high quality product with a distinctive flavour and aroma. Cacao XP® Beans, Cacao XP® Nibs, Cacao XP® Powder, Cacao XP® Sweetz®...
Camu Camu C++® is 100% pure, wildcrafted, carefully selected and concentrated fruit. Its containing 15% of stable vitamin C, whole-food bioflavonoids and other essential co-factors, Its ORAC value is 61,000 µmoleTE/100g, providing a powerful antioxidant capability.
A wide selection of traditional and ancient foods from Peru, now available to the world! Original Andean Flours from nutritious tubers and roots, Freeze Dried Exotic Fruits and Vegetables, Exotic Fruit Extracts and Powders from the Andes and the Amazon Rain Forest, and many more…
Purple Corn C3G++® is 100% pure concentrated purple corn extract (non-GMO) containing over 2% of anthocyanins and a spectacular ORAC value of 96,300 µmoleTE/100g. This product has bioactive and functional properties as well as excellent antioxidant capabilities.
Wira® is a line of Sacha Inchi products, being the best source for Omega 3. Our oil has an extraordinary shelf life of 2 years with no need of refrigeration and 50% Omega 3. The dried seeds as well stand out due to its great product stability and its impressive Omega 3 content of 25%.
YaconPro® stands for healthy sweetness, weight and blood sugar control. YaconPro® Syrup is a perfect sweetener for everyday use. YaconPro® Slices are a wonderful tasting snack which can also be used for trail mixes. YaconPro® Juice is a delicous, ready to drink beverage and there is more
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