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UHTCO Corporation bases its philosophy in social justice, community development and member participation. Growth and success for each and every person in the entire chain and within the organization We strongly support Fair Trade practices by, Providing a sustainable source of income for poor and economically marginalized people in the Andes and the Amazon of PeruEncouraging gender development and providing assistance to the necessitate Promoting sustainability, and Preserving traditional skills and production methods We believe in environmental management and conservation of the biodiversity.

The conservation of traditional and ancestral knowledge as well as the innovation in the development of value added products is part of UHTCO Corporation’s business foundation. UHTCO Corporation and its partners have received many awards and recognitions for its work. Its dedication to produce the best products in its class, unique and effective, with minimum environmental and social impact, makes UHTCO the perfect option to work with.

You are welcomed to read on about our amazing line of products, and please feel free to contact us at any time for further details and information.

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