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Lucuma is available in powder form outside of Peru. In food, it adds more than just its flavor; it also creates a creamy consistency, which makes it great for smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, desserts and ice cream by adding a sweet, fruity, creamy, vanilla-caramel flavor. Modern, gourmet raw food cuisine has already discovered Lucuma and even with local cuisine, it is very easy to use Lucuma to give a delicious new taste to old classics, or to create new dishes altogether.

Lucuma is sometimes recommended for sweetening. Because of its natural sugar content it can reduce or completely eliminate the need for other sweeteners.

Besides its mostly culinary uses, the following are other known uses for Lucuma:

  • To support digestion
  • As a filling source of nutrients available even for the poorer classes
  • Directly applied to the skin for the healing of wounds

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